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Victoria's Diary

Video Fun!


 My New Year's resolution was to put myself out there, with more blog posts and videos to show the Victoria behind Victoria Green!

Get ready for a wave of videos coming! Here is the first of a series of videos about the top features of each beauty bag. 

Have a watch and check out the hanging traveller wash bag.

Love Victoria x

My #InternationalWomensDay

As I'm sure you know, Wednesday the 8th of March marked International Women's Day. It's really special as it celebrates the achievement of women and the theme for this year was #BeBoldForChange in a bid to look at how to advance gender equality - which is a subject very close to my heart as a mum to a 2 year-old daughter.

I wanted to share with you 'my International Women's Day' as I was extremely privileged to be invited to speak, not once but twice, about what BeBoldForChange means to me. In the company of fabulous women, it was an enormous pleasure to listen to a range of inspiring stories. So here's goes...


First up on today's schedule is a TV interview for our local channel in Brighton. In the office I run through potential questions as preparation for the interview, answer urgent emails, have a team meeting and pack a range of beauty bags for this afternoons event. All perfectly calm....? Well perhaps I should rewind a few hours! Being a woman very often means having to wear several hats at once, right? In my case I'm not only a 'designer' and 'employer' but a 'mother' and 'domestic chief'! As soon as I opened my eyes this morning, my 'to do before I even leave the house' list pops into mind. In addition to the normal routine, I have to factor in an outfit that will go from morning TV to an after hours speaking event, resilient make-up to last out the day and how to get the kids up and ready in super quick time. Of course my 2 year old daughter decides today is the day she will not get up / will not have milk on her cereal / will not wear that top! Quite clearly she missed the memo about women supporting each other today in a demonstration of unquestioning solidarity! Never mind...

Fast forward a few hours and the TV cameras are set up and I'm asked what International Women's Day means to me.

Nervously waiting for the cameras to start rolling
Having never been in front of a TV camera before, the nerves subside and I enjoy chatting about the challenges I face as a woman in business, how I make it a priority to create a supportive and nurturing work environment for my team (who happen to be all women at the moment) and how I pride myself on creating products designed for today's woman.
Trying to stay 'focused'!
A quick team meeting to talk about our new blog post featuring Mothers Day gift inspiration, an exciting collaboration we have in the pipeline and a new competition launching next week.
A brisk walk to the train station, grabbing lunch on the way and it's off to London to take part in a panel discussion at Santander's head office. 
In full flow on the panel at Santander 
It's always so humbling to be invited to share a stage with inspiring guests. On this occasion, we heard what it means to be a female entrepreneur from Rubies in the Rubble founder Alicia Lawson, how Michelle Dytham-Ward is using hard lessons learned when returning to work from maternity leave to change the landscape of the workplace for todays mothers and how to succeed on your chosen journey from Fiona Conway. 
Enjoying the inspiring stories of the panel
Tired after a whirlwind day, I turn to Twitter on the train journey home (accompanied by more food grabbed on-the-go!) and enjoy all the positive stories and messages of unity, love & support for International Women's Day. And I think to myself, if we can all work together like this every day, we can build a fair and equal world fit for our children. And with that thought I look forward to kissing my daughter tonight as she sleeps blissfully unaware.

Kicking off 2017 with some New Year Resolutions

I know some people don't like resolutions, but I find it's a good way to re-focus and think about what I would like out of the year ahead. So here goes...

    1. Spend more quality time with my long-suffering and very supportive hubby - I'm so busy with the growing demands of the Victoria Green business and 2 energetic kids that he rarely gets a look in. Regular date nights, and even, *gasp!* a weekend away are definitely on the cards in 2017.
    2. Yoga - It's so good for me, helps me sleep better, feel stronger, and definitely keeps the niggles in my lower back at bay -  in 2017 I'm going to put it in my diary and make it a priority - at least once a week, no excuses
    3. Get more sleep - I just can't function without a good 7-8 hours and yet I still find myself being distracted by social media in the evening instead of just going to bed! I’m sure I’m not the only person guilty of this…
    4. Behind the scenes at Victoria Green - I'm taking the plunge and putting myself front and centre of my label. I've been shy of putting myself out there, but after spending some time talking to my customers I've discovered that people aren’t sure I actually exist! Prepare yourselves for seeing a lot more of me in 2017... Gulp!

Has anyone else got any resolutions? Do you find it easy to stick to them? I’d love to hear them and how you plan to start?

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